Member churches

The member churches within the Christian Council of Sweden are divided into four church families. They reflect the various Christian traditions in our country.

The Lutheran church family has approximately 6,7 million members in Sweden. The Church of Sweden is the largest Lutheran church in Sweden. It has become an independent and open folk church since it was separated from the state in 2000. There are about 60 million believers worldwide. Most Lutheran churches are members of the Lutheran World Federation where the Church of Sweden is the largest member.

– Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church
– Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church
– The Church of Sweden and the Swedish Evangelical Mission
– Hungarian Protestant Church


The Free church family in Sweden has approximately 250 000 members. The number of believers worldwide is estimated to be around 500 million. The Swedish Free church family has many branches where most of them represent large worldwide fellowships. This church family is coordinated by the Swedish Free Church Council that is located together with the Christian Council of Sweden in the Ecumenical Centre.

– Interact
– Salvation Army
– Uniting Church  (incorporating the Mission Covenant Church, The Baptist Union of Sweden and the Methodist Church)
– The Pentecostal Movement
– The Swedish Alliance Mission
– Vineyard Norden
– The Seventh Day Adventist Church (observer)

The Catholic Church has approximately 100 000 members in Sweden. They together make up the Stockholm Catholic diocese that encompasses all of Sweden. The Catholic Church has a worldwide membership of about one billion members.

– The Catholic Diocese of Stockholm

The Orthodox church family has approximately 120 000 members in Sweden. Worldwide it has about 300 million believers. A distinguishing feature for the Orthodox and Eastern churches is that faith is expressed firstly in the liturgy (mass) and prayer, rather than in confessional texts. Within the church family Orthodox churches from the Byzantine and Oriental traditions unite and cooperate.

– Armenian Apostolic Church
– Bulgarian Orthodox Church
– Estonian Orthodox Church
– Ethiopian Orthodox Church
– Finnish Orthodox Church
– Coptic Orthodox Church
– Macedonian Orthodox Church
– Russian Orthodox Church (The Transfiguration of Christ Church)
– Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarch) in Sweden
– Serbian Orthodox Church
– St. Selasse Ethiopian Orthodox Church
– Syrian Orthodox Church

Eastern Churches:
Assyrian Church of the East
– Old Church of the East