Hospital chaplaincy. Photo: Magnus Aronson

This is what the churches do together

Prison chaplaincy
… a programme carried out within all the jails and detention centres in the country. It involves individual conversations, church services, visitation groups and other kinds of group activities in cooperation with the prison authorities.

Hospital chaplaincy
… encompasses pastoral care within the health and medical sector. It involves for example, individual conversations, crisis support for people affected by acute situations and church services. It is available for patients, their relatives and hospital staff.

School chaplaincy
… is the churches’ outstretched hand for contact with students and staff in primary and secondary schools. Nationally, it facilitates dialogue with government ministries on issues that concern the relationship between the church and schools.

University chaplaincy
… is established in universities and colleges where people of all ages define their future. The university church creates forums, places for growth and reflection concerning issues of identity and existence that often comes to the surface during this period of life.

The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme
… sends peace observers to Palestine and Israel with the purpose of reducing violence and promoting respect for international law. The programme is carried out in cooperation with the World Council of Churches together with about 20 countries as a direct response to an invitation from church leaders in Jerusalem. For more information:

Culture for peace
… supports and cooperates with the churches’ work for peace, reconciliation and mutual security.

The church for Fair Trade
… works with the certification of churches who are involved in ethical consumption and fairtrade.

The churches’ week for global justice
… inspires churches and organisations to promote global issues of justice and takes place in November each year.

The week of prayer for Christian unity
… takes place in January every year where the churches pray and work together for Christian unity. It is arranged by Christian Council of Sweden and the Bible Society of Sweden in cooperation.

The diaconal month
… is an ecumenical event that takes place in September every year with a focus on the churches’ diaconal work.